Terra D'Arte

Effect of Passion

Lava Stone Etna, Sicily terracotta, ceramics decorated by hand.

About Us

Terra D'Arte was due to the passion conveyed by his family and the experience gained in the arts , in spite of his young age, by Riccardo La Rosa . Thanks to the activities of his father, who worked for more than thirty years in the area of representation of some of the most prestigious Italian companies of ceramics , La Rosa was able to promote his works in Italy and subsequently manages to be constantly present in the French Market by opening a window on Boulevard Houssman a few steps from the shops Lafayette , as well as a showroom in Catania, Via Rabbordone . The activity began almost on a bet with himself at the age of 19 years , fascinated by the world of artistic creation, he began to collect an almost unexpected interest , so that in 1999 he made the decision to give a legal definition to the artistic activity and trade creating " Terra D'Arte di Riccardo La Rosa ." .
So in addition to the activity of ceramic restorer , he began to permeate the field of production of hand-crafted pottery , with the passage of time will expand his areas of work not only with clay but also in the areas of manufacturing and processing of marble and especially of Etna lava stone. The great achievements collected over time has led La Rosa to a business expansion without altering the characteristics of artistic craftsmanship. One of the flagships of Terra D'Arte is the restoration of the pottery of the second most important Monastery of Europe "Benedictine Monastery" located in Catania. Over the years the company has acquired prestige, that the owner does not intend as a point of arrival but as a further incentive to reach the top of the handmade product, aiming not only to the quality of products but also to the services that the company offers , so as to make " Terra D'Arte di Riccardo La Rosa " the only craft business in Sicily that produces Lava Stone , Terracotta Siciliana and ceramic.

Every day Terra D'Arte , with your help, aims to convey that essence of the past now in need of indispensable innovation, to offer high quality products thanks to both our experience and the innovations of modernity.