Terra D'Arte

Effect of Passion

Lava Stone Etna, Sicily terracotta, ceramics decorated by hand.


Shaping of slabs in : Lava Stone, natural and synthetic marble, Granite, Onyx, Travertine and stones of various types.

Some works that can be carried out with Marbles, Granites, Stones, Onyx, Granite, Etna lava stone and Etna basalt :
  • Steps ( treads and rises);
  • Roadsides;
  • Passable flagstones;
  • Floors and coverings of any shape and size;
  • Street Furniture;
  • Garden furniture;
  • Jambs for doors and windows;
  • Thresholds for doors and windows;
  • Walkway edge with or without dripstone;
  • Coating with quarry stone (split processing);
  • Tops in various types of stone and marble generally used for kitchens and bathrooms;
  • Lava stone tables for interior, exterior and garden furniture;
  • Projects carried out at the request of professionals;